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Reiki is a method of care of Japanese origin based on energetic care by putting hands. This more than thousand-year-old method was revisited by Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Reiki, like magnetism, is based on the concept of the universal energy of life. Reiki differs from magnetism only in that symbols are visualized or traced during the reiki session. The method was already used 2 to 3 thousand years ago and was brought up to date a hundred years ago (early 1900).

reiki master


What is dowsing ?

The pendulum

The most famous of the dowsers is he not Professor Cuthbert Calculus always accompanied by his pendulum.

The pendulum consists of an inert mass at the end of a flexible link. This inert mass can be a simple pebble at the end of a lace shoe. This is to say that any object can act as a pendulum. In short, it is not the pendulum that is important but the vibrations felt by the dowser that are transmitted to the pendulum. This transmission takes place by the nervous systems and certainly by other ways of circulation of energies with the effect of animating the pendulum by minute oscillatory or rotary pulses.

The pendulum only concretizes the receptivity, it receives the involuntary impulses of the hand expressing the various sensitivities of the body and the mind.




The dowsing phenomenon

The physicist will say that the dowser feels the waves of the object sought; he is therefore a receiver. In order to detect the desired objects, the dowser emits waves towards said objects and then captures them back; he is therefore an issuer.

Proponents of mental orientation will say that the instruments used are of little importance, it is only a parapsychological phenomenon whose tool is the brain.

These two theories do not provide a 100% scientific understanding of the dowsing phenomenon. Each of the two theories brings part of truth; that is why, from the point of view of dowsers, the theory consists in saying that dowsing is a collection of receptions, both mental and physical.


Medical Dowsing

Search for energy deficiencies

Dowsing research can detect disharmonies, deficiencies or deficiencies in physiology and human anatomy. It allows to perform a health check.


This check-up may confirm the need for a medical diagnosis with a doctor. In any case, it does not replace a medical diagnosis or a medical opinion