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I am a magnetizer, chromotherapist, practitioner in therapeutic foot reflexology as well as radiesthesist, shaman and Reiki practitioner.

I relieve pain by magnetic therapy (also called "therapeutic touch") and by chromotherapy or on request by therapeutic foot reflexology







DSC00655 Therapy approved by the ASCA foundation:
Chromotherapy (Color therapy)
Foot reflexology

Reiki recognized by Assura (only with Natura R3 complementary insurance)

… I would like to say a big thank you for your care. A. La Chaux-de-Fonds
… I have undergone several operations but this is the first time I feel as good … C. Morges
… I am much better, totally cured infection, as for diabetes, the blood sugar level is normal whereas before I had to sting myself every night ... Again thank you…
… Thank you for relieving me of cramps in both legs, it's great … L. Cernier
… I really dream, no more pain underfoot, my doctor is surprised himself ... For the anxieties, I am another person ... A big thank you. L. Porrentruy
… Thank you for the help you gave me, it's much better … M. Bienne
… A big thank you for your precious help and for your availability … M. Lausanne
… Acute pains are almost gone, thank you … O. Nyon
… The neck, the shoulders and the shoulder blades are unlocked and I find strength ... With my thanks: Y. Bulle
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