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Shamanism, we find traces of its practice in the region around Siberia thousands of years ago. It is one of the oldest methods of medicine using the deities and spirits of nature (animal, plant and mineral kingdoms). This practice has spread, long ago, throughout the world during the great migrations of populations on different continents.

Nowadays the most famous shamans are the American Indian shamans of North and South America. But there are also shamans on every continent; in the Nordic countries, in Africa, in Australia, etc.

Thus the shaman will help his patient to overcome a health problem, a psychic problem, to find an answer to a problem, etc., with the help of his allied animal (animal totem) and the animal kingdom, with the help of his spiritual guide and the spirit world as well as with the help of the mineral and vegetable world. To do this, he will come into contact with these different worlds to the sound of the shaman drum.


Subtle energetic massage SME

Subtle Massages are massages performed by small, precise but very subtle movements that improve joint function. This consists of making small movements that are unchallenged or slowed down by the client. If the movement is too big and too fast, involuntarily the customer will react very often in opposition. This technique allows you to massage the inside of the joints in order to release any waste and stimulate tissue regeneration.

These massages are particularly indicated in case of post-operative or accidental traumatisms, joint pains, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis, polyarthritis, sciatica, autoimmune diseases, hip disease, gout, cramps or spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, myalgia or fibromyalgia, etc.