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Magnetism Training, Energy training, massage and foot reflexology training followed in Neuchâtel and Jura ( in Delémont, Le Landeron and Sion).

Chromotherapy training and Therapeutic tuning fork training followed in Colombier in centre prévention et santé (

Reiki training followed in Canton Fribourg.

Shamanaism training followed in canton Vaud - Valais and Geneva (


Basic training
Anatamy physiology pathology (2015-2016)

Energy training
Bio-magnetism (with certificate 2010-2012)
Chromotherapy / color therapy (with certificate 2016)
Reiki 1 – 2 – 3 (with reiki master practitioner’s certificate 2013-2014)
Subtle energetic massage SME (with certificate 2014-2015)
Singing bowls and tuning fork (basic course 2018)
Tuning fork (2019)
Aromatherapy (2020)
Native American Reflexology (2021)

Massage training
Foot reflexology (with certificate 2016-2017)
General reflexology (basic course 2015)
Classic massage (basic course 2015)
Metamorphic massage (basic course 2015)

Dowsing training
Dowsing (2011)
Medical dowsing

Shamanism training
Shamanism basic training (2013)
Shamanism extraction (2014)

Tai chi chaun (24 and 108 movment)